Discover how we provided swift reactive maintenance and cost-effective security to a high risk property, preventing further damage and theft

Physical Deterrents, Reactive Maintenance, Vacant Property Alarms
28th October 2015
24/7 Maintenance

The Client

Vigilance is a manned security firm working across the UK. Founded in 2008 by industry professionals, many Vigilance employees are recruited from the Brigade of Gurkhas and the Armed Forces. All personnel are fully trained and licensed to SIA (Security Industry Authority) standards and the skills and knowledge base of the company is continually expanding. Vigilance’s client base ranges from private individuals, to large corporations, SMEs and major public financial institutions.  

The Challenge

Vigilance was instructed on a large commercial building in a deprived area of London. The building had previously been used as a hostel, primarily housing construction industry workers. After the financial crash of 2007, the building was vacated and had subsequently become a target for repeated materials theft attempts, such as stripping out copper piping and electrical cable. The attacks were obviously carried out by individuals familiar with the property, and the available client budget to take preventative measures was inadequate. One particular attempt to steal fundamental copper pipework was foiled by patrolling Vigilance staff over a Bank Holiday weekend, however this still resulted in substantial water penetration throughout the building as the attending Security Guards were unable to stem the flow. Their managers urgently required a solution to prevent further extensive property damage, but it proved virtually impossible to find a reactive maintenance firm who was prepared to take on a significant and out-dated plumbing system of this type without a pre-existing service agreement - until Vigilance contacted Veritas.   

The Veritas Solution

We initially attended the building and within just a few hours were able to stop the flooding, thus preventing further damage and cost escalation. We then worked with Vigilance to devise an appropriate property management plan within the available budget, which successfully isolated a large area of the building and offered a more proactive rather than reactive property maintenance solution.

The Result

As the historic heating system included a number of large scale boilers located in the basement, which were running day and night to provide heating and hot water, shutting off part of the system was no simple task. Its successful adaptation not only prevented potential repeat floods and damage, but also saved the client considerable sums on fuel bills and associated costs. Our proactive and rapid response to subsequent issues within the building, including the installation of some enhanced physical security measures specified by Vigilance, offered peace of mind and an additional service which they could offer their clients. 

Seb MacKenzie-Wilson, CEO, Vigilance Properties said: “Chris and Paul were very proactive - they had the ability, capability and staff to rapidly respond to a significant problem that rival firms seemed incapable to respond to. They fixed the immediate problem and were able to address the bigger problems of this mothballed property thereafter and it has been incredibly helpful to us. Veritas turned up very quickly; quickly enough to make a significant difference by reducing the damage to the property. The long-term result was that they were able to help manage the cost implications of a system that had not been managed properly by its previous owners. This meant that we could afford to be competitive cost-wise. It was a valuable and interesting experience for us because it meant we were able to develop a new product. Veritas enabled us to offer such services reliably and cost-effectively, and they have since become a trusted collaborator.”

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