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Regain control - promptly, lawfully and ethically

Our team of security experts provide an effective, ethical and prompt eviction service to remove trespassers, travellers and unauthorised occupation from your property. We offer a wide range of fully managed High Court and Civil Enforcement solutions across England and Wales, starting with Possession Orders, through to Writ Conversion and Enforcement Proceedings, putting your site firmly back in your control.

• 7 day a week service, with same-day eviction options

• Notice served within 4 hours, anywhere in the UK

Site clearance & continued protection available 


Explore Enforcement & Eviction Services

Traveller Eviction & Enforcement

A rapidly-deployed, affordable and proven solution to remove travellers from your site quickly and ethically. The quicker travellers can be removed, the less opportunity there is for damage or waste to be deposited. 

An experienced Security Guard from our national network will arrive on site within 4 hours to serve notice under Halsbury’s Law of England, setting a clear time and date for vacation. Should the travellers choose not to leave by the allocated time, one of our Certified Bailiffs will attend the premises and exercise rights of removal. 

At key times of the year, we communicate traveller activity in the UK, and highlight possible threats. Where there is a known heightened threat, we can deploy dog handling units and/or Guards to protect vulnerable sites and prevent unauthorised encampment.

  • ‘Traveller Watch’ activity tracking, to alert you to heightened threats
  • Notice served within 4 hours, anywhere in the UK
  • Most travellers removed within 24 hours
Old caravan on a destroyed property

Squat Evictions & Enforcement

Our efficient and cost-effective solution to safely and lawfully remove squatters from properties that have been victim to unlawful occupation. Using our experienced, trained and professional Security Officers and Bailiffs, we can exercise different options ranging from Common Law Removal to Criminal Law Enforcement, and can fully manage Possession Orders and enforcement proceedings if required. 

Following the successful removal of squatters from your property, we’ll provide a free security review and proposal to protect your property against future illegal occupation.

  • Common Law Removal, Criminal Law Enforcement, Possession Orders & Enforcement Proceedings
  • Certified Bailiffs & Security Officers
  • Free security review & recommendations
Destroyed property wit ha complete mess

Possession Orders

Using our lawyer-expedited process, our experienced staff are able to vastly reduce the time to be granted a possession order from the typical 4-5 weeks, down to 7-10 working days. In extreme scenarios, we’re able to turn this around within 48 hours through a High Court Writ. When it comes to helping our clients regain control, we take it personally.

  • Vastly reduced timescales
  • Expedited process
  • Proven, lawful & rapid action plan
Property evection

Forfeiture of Lease

Our certificated Bailiffs act on behalf of landlords to repossess your commercial property through Lease Forfeit. The ability to forfeit enables you to re-enter your property following a breach by your tenant, which subsequently terminates the lease. Depending upon the reason for forfeiture, termination can take place with immediate effect, or following a period of notice. We can also provide Locksmiths if required.

  • Lease Forfeit to gain entry
  • Certified Bailiffs & Security Officers
  • Free security review & recommendations
Close up of a padlock

The Full Turn-Key Solution

Should your previously unprotected site be breached, following a successful eviction, Veritas offers a full re-securing, waste clearance and maintenance ‘Make Good’ service, and can implement physical and technical security measures to prevent repeat incidents.

Attentive, Expert & Professional

Discover how we supported LCP in evicting over 25 squatters to regain control of their property - in less than 10 working days.

For The Entire Life Cycle of Your Property

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