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Security Assessments

Whilst many providers sell their security services in packs or bundles, we believe that tailoring every installation is the most successful and cost-effective way to secure your assets. Our approach centres around the initial security assessment, identifying risks and threats, and how best to secure and deter trespassers, taking both the property and surrounding area into account.  

In short, we think like a criminal would and work out how they would gain entry – concentrating on vulnerable breach points so that we can define the most suitable plan to reduce risks.

We present our recommendations back to you for the final say on what gets delivered - and the degree of risk you wish to adopt.

Preparing Voids

Once secure it is essential that each property is prepared in line with the customer’s insurance requirements and
best practice. We can manage all aspects of this by draining down heating and water systems, terminating utilities, removing combustible materials, changing locks and making safe and addressing areas that require general maintenance. We can also switch the utilities back on and prepare the property for sale or letting.

An often-overlooked deterrent is making void property look ‘lived in’ by keeping the surrounding landscape tidy and free from rubbish. We offer a range of gardening, litter collection and foliage cutting on a scheduled basis, through to full facilities management solutions for high net assets or sites that are being prepared for sale.

24/7 Monitoring & Alarm Response

We monitor your assets 24/7, ensuring that any breaches or issues are reported to our team, and where appropriate, the Police or Guards are sent to investigate. Alongside the monitoring of security breaches, our alarm solutions automatically poll back to report any faults with our equipment ensuring that site defences are always working.

We have a proven track record in apprehending criminals from the information provided by our Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) and, in many cases, stop breaches before they happen or any serious damage is done. Each incident is captured in a report to give you details of the issue and the Guards’ patrol information.

Vacant Inspections & Keyholding

Void property often comes with the mandate to provide regular inspections, checks and meter readings on a weekly, monthly, or other periodic basis. We have a national network of keyholders and inspectors that perform electronically recorded inspections of our sites. Each inspection is guided by a field-based app to GPS record, upload photographs and detail full inspection data, all in real-time and every visit is recorded and sent to you once complete.  

A simple ‘Red/Amber/Green’ outcome to each report determines how we follow up each inspection – any issues identified are escalated to ensure that we promptly resolve any maintenance and security issues.


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