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For over 15 years, we have specialised in securing & maintaining
vacant property on a national basis.

From alarms, CCTV, physical deterrents and manned guarding, to eviction services, inspections, maintenance and waste removal, we are proud to offer an end-to-end solution for all your security and maintenance requirements. We’re here for the entire lifecycle of your property - so if your previously unprotected site has been breached, one call to us means we are able to evict, secure, clean, monitor and protect from further intrusions.
We occupy that perfect sweet spot: we have the capacity to cope with the largest national frameworks and portfolios, whilst still retaining our inherent customer focus, ability to react swiftly, and ensuring access to our Senior Management whenever required. Our approach has meant we’ve doubled in size over the last 3 years, and have invested millions into our infrastructure, technology and people to best serve our customers.

All of this comes together to make us your number one recommended void property provider.

The Veritas Journey

From conception to
market-leading property services provider

A visual timeline of the history of Veritas. Starting in 2005 and all the way to 2022

Properties Managed Nationwide


Long-Term & Valued Clients


Alarm Responses Completed in 19/20 FY


Why choose Veritas?

Veritas was set up with one goal in mind: To provide the best possible service to our clients.

The Veritas Journey

From conception to market-leading property services provider.

Where We Started
Meet The Team

Get to know our experienced senior management team.

Meet the Board
Our Values

What drives us to provide the best possible service to our clients.

Why Choose Us

A sample of some of
the clients we work with

“Veritas Property Management Ltd has been a preferred contractor to Touchstone for over 7 years now. Working with our Property Managers and out of hours Helpdesk, Veritas have been able to provide 24-hour property maintenance cover across our Nationwide portfolio, utilising their extensive Fabric and M&E subcontractor network. Veritas in house teams are helpful, they are able to work with our multiple IT systems and provide the feedback as requested with regard to work status and progress.”

Richard Smart, Contractor Management Surveyor, Touchstone

“We initially used Veritas on a project in St Vincent’s Trading Estate, where we had a difficult situation with squatters on site. A great deal of damage and criminal activity was carried out during this period and Veritas were able to navigate the court process extremely quickly, ensuring security for the building and our neighbouring occupiers on site – the expert approach and expedient result was highly valued.Veritas are attentive to our needs, highly professional and good people to work with. We continue to use Veritas on all site security matters.”

LCP Management Ltd

“Veritas provided an excellent service during a difficult situation; when a property that we manage for one of our high-profile clients was broken into, and an illegal rave took place. Veritas acted quickly and professionally, providing cost-effective and time-efficient options and keeping us updated throughout. We were able to report to our own client regularly, and provide the reassurance that we had the situation in hand. The speed that we were able to submit the application to the Court and in turn, have the illegal occupants removed from site was amazing.  “The result meant we could limit the damage caused as much as possible, reassure the surrounding occupiers and gain vacant possession for a new tenant. These types of situations are never easy and can be very stressful, but Veritas worked closely with the whole team to ensure it was managed as smoothly as possible.”

Amanda, Director, JLL

“Koopmans has a long standing working relationship with Veritas, and when we took over the management of Kingsway House, we faced a number of challenges in moving away from Government-tendered contracts to a more traditional building management style. Veritas assisted us from day one in getting the building up and running to the correct standard, and worked with us as facility managers on the building. They have been on hand and on call for our client and our tenant, ensuring the building handover and ongoing management has been as smooth as possible!”


‘This was the first project that I engaged Veritas and its services on, and was absolutely delighted with their professionalism, dedication and service throughout what could’ve been a very difficult site.Veritas’ honest approach to providing the most cost-effective solution and service really help me to keep within my development budgets. Having a trustworthy and transparent security provider is of key importance, and I am pleased to say that Veritas have always excelled in the delivery of their services.Square Bay have since appointed Veritas on a number of other projects and they are currently securing and managing one of our largest development sites in the Midlands.’

Tom Vaughan-Jones, Director, Square Bay

“Veritas offered a real alternative to expensive manned guarding using their video verification alarm system. Clearly it works, as they have detected a number of people taking an unhealthy interest in our site. There are a lot of expensive heavy plant kept overnight here and we take comfort knowing it - as well as the property - is being watched constantly.”

Client: FTSE 250 Index UK construction contractor 

“Chris and Paul were very proactive - they had the ability, capability and staff to rapidly respond to a significant problem that rival firms seemed incapable to respond to. They fixed the immediate problem and were able to address the bigger problems of this mothballed property thereafter and it has been incredibly helpful to us. Veritas turned up very quickly; quickly enough to make a significant difference by reducing the damage to the property. The long-term result was that they were able to help manage the cost implications of a system that had not been managed properly by its previous owners. This meant that we could afford to be competitive cost-wise. It was a valuable and interesting experience for us because it meant we were able to develop a new product. Veritas enabled us to offer such services reliably and cost-effectively, and they have since become a trusted collaborator.”

Seb MacKenzie-Wilson, CEO, Vigilance 

“We’d already known of Veritas for a number of years, originally via word of mouth. We had given them a chance with a few properties and they always exceeded expectations, had been very professional and provided a friendly service; not just doing the job, but keeping in contact with us, and we enjoy working with them. “It’s really useful to me having Veritas on board. What I want from a security provider is to be able to trust them, so when something happens it’s communicated to me and dealt with quickly and effectively. Having that trust with a contractor is of key importance to me as the Receivers could be held personally liable for any damages if their insurance cover was made void by a lack of security. I know with Veritas that any security problems are investigated quickly and that the solutions recommended are effective and competitively priced.”

James Butler, Senior Surveyor, CBRE Receivership Team 

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