Discover how we supported LCP in evicting over 25 squatters to regain control of their property - in less than 10 days.

Eviction & Enforcement, Vacant Property Alarms, Physical Deterrents, Reactive Maintenance
Eviction & Enforcement

The Client

LPC Management Ltd, is part of the LCP Group - a leading privately owned investment and property management company, which operates in key locations throughout the UK, Germany & Poland. Established in 1987, their principal activities are the acquisition and management of commercial properties, along with the provision of associated services. With over 30 years experience of investing in the commercial property market, LCP has a proven track record in identifying opportunities requiring intensive management, and ultimately realising their value.  

The Challenge 

LCP came into possession of a vacant warehouse located in St Vincents Trading Estate in the St Philip's area of Bristol. The property had been breached by squatters who had hosted a large-scale unlicensed music event in November 2019, and were subsequently occupying the property under squatters’ rights, including joy-riding vans around the car park, smashing windows, graffiting walls and causing general disturbances in the surrounding area. LCP were looking for an immediate security presence, security recommendations and eviction advice to ultimately regain control of the property.


The Veritas Solution

Following a recommendation from the marketing agent, LCP approached Veritas directly. Taking advantage of our fast-turnaround, 7 day-a-week service, a dog handler was immediately deployed to the premises to monitor activity. The following morning, we attended site and conducted a full free security risk assessment, and by lunchtime, we provided the client with a bespoke quotation for the eviction and our recommendations for post-eviction security measures. LCP initially instructed their own legal teams to complete the eviction, but unfortunately the team were unable to make sufficient progress, so after 3 weeks, Veritas was instructed to take over and proceed with the original quotation. 

The Result

We obtained the possession order, converted this to the High Court and completed the eviction in less than 10 working days. Once we had evicted over 25 squatters and their caravans, and secured the property, we provided subsequent emergency maintenance to make-safe the electrics and water. To protect against re-entry, we installed a vacant property alarm system, concrete barriers, steel doors and steel sheeting, ensuring LCP were handed back control of their property swiftly and effectively, safe in the knowledge that it was secured against future illegal occupation.

LCP Management Ltd said, “We initially used Veritas on a project in St Vincent’s Trading Estate, where we had a difficult situation with squatters on site. A great deal of damage and criminal activity was carried out during this period and Veritas were able to navigate the court process extremely quickly, ensuring security for the building and our neighbouring occupiers on site – the expert approach and expedient result was highly valued. Veritas are attentive to our needs, highly professional and good people to work with. We continue to use Veritas on all site security matters.”

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