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We make it our goal to remove the fears associated with vacant properties for our clients. As experts in protecting both residential and commercial property portfolios, we understand the risks a vacant site can present, and offer a comprehensive range of services to ensure your void property is kept safe, secure and compliant to your insurance requirements.
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Specialised Property Occupancy & Condition Reports
Flexible Vacant Property Inspections
Vacant Property Inspection

Vacant buildings can be a target for abuse. Our vacant property inspections will verify the condition of your building and confirm it remains secure, undamaged and unoccupied. We can inspect your property as often as required, send regular updates and act promptly on any issues discovered. Inspections can be carried out as often as needed, from several times a day to once a month. We can also protect your property with alarms, CCTV and guarding services as required.

Property Occupancy & Condition Reports

Our Property Occupancy & Condition Report (also known as a Habitation Check) is tailor-made for the inspection of void residential and commercial portfolios for LPA receivers and banks, providing all the required information, plus complete security and protection. We have conducted specialised checks to many high-asset properties, from the second largest residential home in the UK, to Buckingham Palace.

GPS, Time & Date Stamped
Condition Assessment - Inspection & Report
Site Security Assessment
Lock Change
Gas & Electrical Readings
Drain Down - To Remove Water in Pipes To Prevent Issues Such as Freezing & Bursting
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